The ArtAbilitation international conference offers a platform for dissemination where art, creative expression and/or playful activity is involved. ART also stands for Assistive, Rehabilitative & Therapeutic (ART*) technology and application. A common goal is the empowerment of people with disabilities, without restriction to ability, age, race, gender or creed. Both Rehabilitation and Habilitation issues are pertinent for presentation in ArtAbilitation.

Rehabilitation of people with disabilities is a process aimed at enabling them to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and social functional levels. Rehabilitation provides disabled people with the tools they need to attain independence and self-determination. The term Habilitation refers to the process of enabling people with disabilities to develop skills and participate as fully as possible in the community, and as such it is an ongoing process which enhances the quality of life of people with disabilities and empowers them towards self-determination. Habilitation is based on the developmental principle which holds that all people have the capacity to grow and learn in their own way.

Research initiatives that involve educating and training of staff and associated service industry personal to the potentials from new techniques and creative/play related interventions are especially welcome to submit a paper.

The ArtAbilitation conference fulfils a void in the field by targeting the reporting, presentation, and, - if possible –, ‘demonstration’ of practise based applications where fun through creativity and play is in focus as the interventional process toward (re)habilitation. The organisers wish to promote practised application rather than solely lab based work.

As an open-ended entity ArtAbilitation has a goal to encourage delegate attendance across disciplines. Thus, for example, researchers, academics and inventors present alongside carers, artists, and families. Students are especially encouraged to show their project work so as to receive constructive input from the academic community. Non-formal, idiosyncratic, and adaptive approaches where new advances in technology and creative thinking are applied towards quality of life issues is a focused core of the event.

Potentials from digital video games are presented alongside the use of non-invasive sensor technologies in empowering painting or music making from body gesture. Exciting new hybrid solutions are presented alongside new ways of working with traditional tools. It is a growing conference that targets a growing community that necessitates planning for the next generation of therapists, inventors and associated disciplines. New human-centered tools that are required to support this community are presented and debated.

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