Call for Papers


ArtAbilitation Conference specifics:

Delegates receive the full ArtAbilitation and GameAbilitation papers.


The conference topics are openly focused on Human Performance via Digital Technologies, especially involving Creative Expression and Innovative Play alongside related applied research and practice where the focus is on the activity and outcome learning. Topics are open and range from subjects such as – Creative practise e.g. theatre, dance, painting, music making… Play based practice such as with digital games… Methods, Theories, Aesthetics, Design, Learning, Interaction, Inclusion… - to more recent initiatives such as Enactive Knowledge, New Interfaces for Expression, and Neuro-Aesthetics.

The conference Programme Committee also welcomes proposals for posters outlining the kernels of collaborative research with the specific aim of fostering international collaboration for the development of co-operative research proposals seeking national or international support. There will be a common poster exhibition with GameAbilitation.

Publication of Papers:

Submission of an extended abstract implies that authors are able to provide a full paper (6-8 pages), which will appear in the conference proceedings. Template for full submissions is downloadable - see via link below.

Submission of Papers:

Paper Submissions are now open - see 

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